War in Legend and Tradition The Ninth Legendary Weekend of The Folklore Society

  • 6th — 7th September 2014
  • Fort Amherst, Chatham, Kent
Wikimedia Commons

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With guns and drums and drums and guns, hurrah! Humming barrack-room ballads they march, flanked by the Comrade in White and the regimental goat. St.George descends on a winged horse to lead the faithful as the Russians advance with snow on their boots. Can this really be the last battle, when the blood chokes millwheels until the sinister danewort grows among poppies white and red? This conference will explore songs, ghosts, omens, rumours and rituals from over 2000 years of war.

Tickets £40 for the two days. (Day rates £30 Sat, £20 Sun). To book, contact jharte@epsom-ewell.gov.uk


Saturday 6th September

9.30     Registration and coffee

First session

10.00   Gail-Nina Anderson – Propaganda in World War I

10.30   David Clarke – The Angels of Mons

11.00   Coffee

Second session

11.30   Diana Coles – Women who go to war

12.00   Ingrid Barton – Goddesses of war

12.30   David Hunt – (Almost) invulnerable heroes

13.00   Break for lunch

Third session

14.30   Gordon Caseley – Jacobite lore

15.00   Roisin Murray – Chatham lore of war

15.30   (To be announced)

16.00   Tea

Fourth session

17.00   Jennifer Wallis – Spiritualists between two wars

17.30   Scott Wood—Hitler was here

8 p.m.: (Ghost tour)

Conference pub: the White Horse

Sunday 7th September

10.30  Coffee

11.00  Ross McFarlane – Soldiers’ charms

11.30  Bill Roberts – Remembrance of war

12.00  Short break for lunch

12.30  Tour of fort