The Katharine Briggs Book Award 2011 Winner

Folk Tales, Tall Tales, Trickster Tales, and Legends of the Supernatural from the Pinelands of New Jersey: Recorded and Annotated by Herbert Halpert between 1936 and 1951, by the late Herbert Halpert and J.D.A Widdowson, published by The…

Memorial Offerings

Floral Tributes to Steve Jobs outside the Apple store in Bath, 6 October 2011.

Folklore and Legends of Lincolnshire

By Mabel Peacock and Wilhelmine Fowler, Edited by Gillian Bennett [2010], available on CD, price £5.00 UK pounds. Contact us to place an order.

Thomas Fairman Ordish

Thanks to the efforts of Andrew Bennett and his team of eager volunteers, The Folklore Society's collection of Ordish papers has now been transcribed. Although it is still very much work in progress, we now have available a DVD of boxes 1-5,…

H-Folk: H-Net Network on Folklore

H-Net proudly announces its newest addition to its family of over 180 discussion networks—H-Folk—in cooperation with The American Folklore Society, The Folklore Society of Great Britain, The Folklore Studies Association of Canada, the…

Book Notice: The Folklore of Discworld

Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson are joint authors of The Folklore of Discworld, which was published by Doubleday in September 2008 (ISBN 978-0-385-61100-8).

Pratchett has had a lifelong interest in folklore and myth, and has often…